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jeweler/hand engraver born in Anchorage Alaska now based out of Denver Colorado. my goal with my art is to help the world become a more creative, caring and loving place where people feel free and inspired to share their passion with one another, as well as challenging the status quo one piece at a time. I am inspired by the endless complexity of the natural world, consciousness, and just the awesome slew of experiences that is life. each piece is crafted with intention and love whether it be high end one of a kind or production.

each piece of Jewelry is a wearable piece of art that allows you to take some of the beauty and wonder of nature with you wherever you may be.

Education:   "custom combo class with Todd Daniels"                                                                            "advanced stone setting with Blaine Lewis"                                                                     "Drawing and Engraving Scrolls with Sam Alfano"                                                   "Advanced custom class with Sam Alfano"                                                                       "Gun Engraving with Rex Pederson"                                                                                     "Masters Symposium with Kent Raible"