all of our jewelry is designed, fabricated, stone set, and engraved out of Denver Colorado by jewelry artisan Taron Rueger . Taron has extreme attention to detail as well as an intense passion for what he does. when you order a one of a kind piece from us you are getting an intention based miniature art sculpture that combines top quality natural crystals with superbly cut stones (by some of the best lapidary artists in the world). We use a variety of rare and unusual materials coming from all over including Brazil, Africa, Russia, The united states and more. this isn't just jewelry this is a piece of art an heirloom quality investment that with the proper care will last for generations to come .

Taron is also a Hand Engraver who has experience in cutting many different types of metals including certain steels, silver, and 24kgold. he has trained with multiple master engravers and respects the art greatly. if you have something you are thinking about having engraved take a look at our gallery and contact us.